We want people to feel like they’re part of the Frost and Fire family, and we love getting to know our fans… maybe that’s why the hall often ends up full of new friends. Some of them have written to us saying nice things!

“Beautiful arrangements, first thoughts from me are ‘next Wild Asparagus’. Nice work!”
– Tavi Merrill, musician and dance caller


What a great job Frost and Fire did at the Champlain Valley Folk Festival! Well, let me count the ways.. First, the overall quality of the harmonies of F&F’s music. 2. The strong personal stage presence of the group, 3. The connectedness of the group 4. The gratitude the group gave to the dancers and festival folks. NOW THE MUSIC – 5. The fiddles and their harmonies. 6. The use of minor songs that modulate 7. Aaron’s ability to do just about anything with music all the while maintaining that whimsical smile 8. All the love songs at the concert, the sweet voice of Hollis! 9. Dancing feet and percussion of Aaron on driving dance tunes 10. Bagpipes 11. The sweetest, clear fiddle tones of Viveka and Peter! AS for tunes.. most all, but I remember – Nuptial Knot, Snake Mountain Medley, Stephen Foster’s love song, many tunes written by the group that I don’t have the name of in my head… SO I AM AWAITING THE ALBUM!!”
– Rebecca Brooklyn, concertgoer


“Frost and Fire’s concert last night was sooo amazingly beautiful! Thank you Hollis, Viveka, Peter, and Aaron! Your musical meld is magical!
– Janice Russotti, concertgoer


“These guys are inspired! They have hit the ground running with the energy and verve of a true ceilidh band. They feature fine fiddling, fluting and tasteful piano and foot-taps to back it all up. And then when the pipes come out, what a blast of sound! Frost and Fire is on the rise!
– Matt Witten, concert organizer


Frost and Fire is a band for getting your dance on. As their name implies, they simultaneously embody the best of what’s ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ in the contra scene. Their driving rhythms inspire me to flourish up and down the set, and their unique arrangements never cease to keep the dancers on their toes. This band even inspired my 93 year old grandmother to leap out of her seat and wiggle her hips to the music!”
– Alison Nihart, dancer


“I first came to know Viveka Fox some 15 years ago as the member of a Scottish Country dance duo.  Since that time, I have also come in turn to know Peter Macfarlane, Hollis Easter, and Aaron Marcus, first as professional musicians and subsequently as personal friends. I regularly hire musicians to perform for Scottish Country, English Country, and contra dancers, and these folks are definitely some of my favorites.  Their musical arrangements are both simple and lyrical yet driving and compelling.  Everyone leaves the dance floor wanting more.As a dance promoter, I also find Peter, Viveka, Aaron, and Hollis astonishingly easy to work with.  They never complain, no matter how difficult a program I set for them.  They provide guidance and assistance whenever I ask but don’t force it on me.  They energetically carry out every gig, from beginning to end.  They are, in short, a sheer pleasure to work with.

I hope that you enjoy Frost and Fire as much as I and all my friends do.  If you have the opportunity to hear them play live, don’t miss it!”
– Gary Apfel, dance organizer


“Great time yesterday! Really great! I especially loved the Stephen Foster piece and the part Viveka played as a counter melody–luscious and lovely.”
– Lisa Knickerbocker, concert organizer


“I had a great time at the concert – awesome music.” – Ashley Calkins


“Whooooyeeaas of joy!” – Tristan Henderson


“Come back to Ottawa soon Frost and Fire… … you guys ROOOOOCKKKKK!!!!!
– Emily Addison, dance organizer


“Despite intermittent rain and fierce mosquitos, Karen and I had a great time watching contra dances played by Frost & Fire, which includes Viveka Fox, Peter Macfarlane, Aaron Marcus and Hollis Easter on July 20, 2013 at Burlington, VT. Later that evening we heard a superb and moving concert by the same musicians. This band sounds GOOD. Original songs by all four members, and multiple instruments. Grounded in the Celtic and New England traditions, the evening concert also included a setting of Robbie Burn’s melancholy love song, “Ae Fond Kiss,” and Stephen Foster’s lovely song, “Gentle Annie.” Viveka and Peter did a number of fiddle duos, both on their own and as part of the full-group sets. Aaron is a master of the keyboard, and was amazing to watch as he added outstanding foot percussion while playing the keyboard. Several of Hollis’ own new tunes worked their way into the repertoire as well. The sound was clean, the segues were crisp and well-timed, and these folks invest a lot of practice, time and experience in good stage presence. And more than a few folks (young, old and one dog) couldn’t sit still so up we got and danced. A good time indeed.”
– Steve Easter, concertgoer