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Our first studio album, Midwinter Spring, was released in late 2013. Here are some samples of what you’ll hear at a Frost and Fire performance.

Contra dance tunes

We believe that dance music should carry the dancers effortlessly while helping to guide and shape the energy of the dance itself. We offer a lot of variety in our contra dance music: some traditional, some groovy, some smooth, some sultry, some wild, but always with a steady beat and attention to matching the kind of vibe the caller and dancers want.

Anemone (by Aaron Marcus)

Rebecca and Irvin’s (by Aaron Marcus) / Bobcat Strut (by Peter Macfarlane)

John Keith Laing (by Addie Harper)

Tabitha’s Rambles (by Hollis Easter)


Songs and concert pieces

We love dance music, but we also have a large repertoire of concert material that includes songs, tunes in other meters, and airs. We love the freedom that concerts provide because we can play tunes at any tempo we like, in any meter!

Ae Fond Kiss (by Robert Burns)

Ravencroft (by Aaron Marcus)



We play lots of couple dances from many traditions, including lots of kinds of waltzes, hambos, polkas, polskas, slangpolskas, tangos, and more. We’re comfortable playing Mostly Waltz sessions and can choose original and traditional tunes to fit almost any need.

Miss Jasmine Walker (by Hollis Easter)



Mary Wesley calling for us in Ottawa, Ontario.

Rebecca Lay calling for us in Montpelier, VT.


Thanks for listening!
Frost and Fire